• Talking to a friend over the weekend, I found myself saying that it's almost easier to plan a career change when you're already working at a job/in a career that you can tolerate.  I think the thought struck me because it flies in the face of the common practice of "taking the leap", "cutting the cord", or any other number of metaphors for leaving your current job so you can focus on your next step. Now before going any further its important to say that this approach can work for some people. In fact, there are probably some individuals for whom the only way to make a drastic change is to take drastic action. But my guess is that this

    Aug 25,
  • We all have careers…  and maybe you, like many others, have considered career consultation to help you with a difficult career decision or perhaps simply for your own personal/professional development. Full of optimism, you google “career consultation” for your nearest consultant. And this, perhaps, is where the trouble begins. The results are endless. Coaches, guides, consultants, counselors, psychologists, and therapists offering tests, journals, courses, seminars, sessions, and workbooks, promising fulfillment, and charging anywhere from free to thousands of dollars.  You can’t be blamed if you decide to give up, but we’re going to try and help. Full of optimism, you google "career consultation" for your nearest consultant. And this, perhaps, is where the trouble begins. In the coming weeks MNCC is

    Jun 25,