• Talking to a friend over the weekend, I found myself saying that it's almost easier to plan a career change when you're already working at a job/in a career that you can tolerate.  I think the thought struck me because it flies in the face of the common practice of "taking the leap", "cutting the cord", or any other number of metaphors for leaving your current job so you can focus on your next step. Now before going any further its important to say that this approach can work for some people. In fact, there are probably some individuals for whom the only way to make a drastic change is to take drastic action. But my guess is that this

    Aug 25,
  • We all have different reactions to testing. Some get a small sense of dread, others might feel a small thrill at the idea. But apprehension or anticipation aside, testing, particularly psychological testing is a vital part of the career consultation process. But why do we weigh testing results so heavily? In part 2 of Career Consultation 101, we’ll cover the basic explanation for using testing as part of the career consultation process. To set the stage, remember that testing always involves a comparison. You could be compared to something external (a sample of other people) or internal (your own scores in another area or from another time you took the same test). Our careers are important. We will dedicate more time to

    Mar 18,
  • I haven't always been a public transit commuter; for years I drove my 25-35 minute highway commute (rain or shine, bright or dark).  But a recent move has meant that I'm a light rail commuter now, and today that had me thinking about how much factors like your commute matter, but how hard they are to assess in the standard career consultation process. Career Consultation is focused on helping people by increasing knowledge of the world of work, increasing self-insight, and using these sources of information to facilitate the career decision process. But, beyond these topics, there remains a whole category of factors that can drastically affect the quality of your career life. Career Consultation is focused on helping people by increasing knowledge of

    Mar 05,