• Talking to a friend over the weekend, I found myself saying that it's almost easier to plan a career change when you're already working at a job/in a career that you can tolerate.  I think the thought struck me because it flies in the face of the common practice of "taking the leap", "cutting the cord", or any other number of metaphors for leaving your current job so you can focus on your next step. Now before going any further its important to say that this approach can work for some people. In fact, there are probably some individuals for whom the only way to make a drastic change is to take drastic action. But my guess is that this

    Aug 25,
  • We all experience stress at work (if you don't, figure out why and tell the rest of us). This stress could come from a variety of sources, but the result is often the same. You start to wonder if you are in the right place, if all hours you are investing in this career are worth it.  This is a common reason that people might initially consider career consultation.  But before we dive headlong into a entire career shift, it can be worthwhile to consider whether these problems come from a poor career fit or poor fit to a specific position. We all experience stress at work (if you don't, please figure out why and then tell the rest of

    Apr 04,