Complete Career 


If you are looking for a broad assessment of your vocational profile to help you discover which specific careers would fit you best: I created this option for you.

This group of services includes in depth psychological assessment, targeted interpretation of your results, expert consultation, and career planning.  I built this option to help my clients not only generate a reasonable list of possible careers, but also develop the structured self-insight to evaluate future career options as they come along.  

Why is this important? This matters because our careers continue to move forward long after we complete the assessment process.  A list of possible careers can help right now, but the self-insight to understand the kind of position you will succeed in can serve you for the rest of your working life.​

This option is one of my favorites.  We’ll take our first session to set the stage, talking in detail about your past jobs and patterns that you may have already noticed in your career so far.  After you complete my vocational assessment battery, we’ll spend a couple sessions carefully unpacking the results on your career interests, personality, abilities, and values.  This can be dense information, and it is worth it to take our time.  After each session, you’ll have assigned external work to maintain our momentum.  Finally, we’ll meet once more to pull it all together and talk about your next steps.

Price: $1000​

Assessment: Four specific assessments including the Strong Interest Inventory, the California  Psychological Inventory, subtests of the Employee Aptitude Scales, and the Work Values Profiler.​

Consultation: 4 total hours gathering context/background, reviewing assessment results, and planning next steps​

You receive: a focused list of occupations likely to fit your distinct vocational profile, a flexible career framework that you can use to evaluate future career options, detailed assessment results, and a summary report highlighting our process and your next steps.​